Your TV Is About To Turn Purple

Tavis Smiley recorded his show with Prince earlier today.-Dr.FB

BTW Prince is on way to tape Ellen now.

Update; Prince just did a soundcheck of "Crimson & Clover" at Ellen. Hmm. Is that who I think it is in the band? :)

Ellen is over.

Tavis update : tavissmiley Ended up taping two shows worth with Prince! Airdates are being scheduled right now. Will let you know as soon as they're set.

Tavis Smiley shows will air next monday and tuesday, april 27th n 28th respectively.

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  1. @BlueRose ….
    thank you so much :)

  2. Got some info on that Doc?

  3. I’m curious about what he played on Tavis’ show!!

  4. Man O Man I am excited!!!!! I can’t wait to see the interview next week!!! Thank God Prince did an interview with Tavis!

  5. In response to KnightFlyte:

    Tavis Smiley’s show airs at 12 midnight on the East Coast (NYC), then the same show re-airs the next day around 1pm on PBS.

    But on a regular schedule, l Tavis’ shows airss at 12 midnight on a daily basis. Hope that helps.

  6. anyone know when Tavis show airs on the east coast.. what time ? its pbs right ? anyone :) i know 27th & 28th.. but what time of day ? :) thanx

  7. Can’t wait…….

  8. Sounds serious

  9. I hope this year turns out to be another 2004 in terms of appearances and concerts. Bring it Prince!

  10. I just saw this below msgs on Tavis’ twitter:


    “Set your DVRs — conversations with PRINCE airing Monday and Tuesday of next week on PBS. Working on getting a sneak peak for you.”

  11. Tavis’ latest tweet:

    Ended up taping two shows worth with Prince! Airdates are being scheduled right now. Will let you know as soon as they’re set.


  12. As the first commenter mentioned, it is confirmed on Tavis’ site (under Coming Soon) that Prince / Bria’s episode will air next Tuesday, 4/28. Set your DVR’s! :)

  13. Good so Prince is doin Tavis…Should be an interesting show..

  14. Very cool!can’t wait to see the interview and performance on Ellen! Do it up P!!!

  15. Try this page to find out when the Tavis show will air on your local PBS station:

    http://www.pbs.org/tavissmiley/ (local showtimes link on the left)

  16. anyone know when the show airs for Tavis Smiley?

  17. Thanks dr I can’t wait for tommorrow and could u find out when prince will air on travis I need to set my dvr

  18. Who is it in the band, Doc? Or are you going to keep us in suspense ’til we see the show tomorrow?

  19. Here’s the tweet. let’s hope it means Prince ast for an interview too!!

    tavissmiley: About to start taping a conversation with PRINCE! (~12:46pm PST)

  20. So…does this mean it’s Prince on 4/28 instead of Bria?

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