Kelis Files For Divorce From Nas

Nas & Kelis.  File Photo
Nas & Kelis.  File Photo

Nas & Kelis. File Photo

A 7 months pregnant Kelis has filed for divorce from Nas.  It appears they have seperated in the past 2 weeks. 

Kelis and Nas have been married for since 2003.-Dr.FB

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  1. Ok what’s next… Kelis will make a new album. She’ll be on the “I’m a single mother” tip in her interviews. Nas will also make a new album so Kelis better watch out cause he’s powerful on the mic.

  2. That’s real sad but at the same time, it was kinda expected. I’ve heard rumors for a while that things weren’t going well for them. Such a shame, especially since Kelis is 7 months pregnant. Nas must have really f’ed up for her to do that at this point in time. Sad sad sad.

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