Beyonce Is Pregnant With Baby #2!

Beyonce Performing At The World Music Awards Over The Weekend.  Photo: Getty.com

E! News has just confirmed what everyone was assuming for the past few weeks; Beyonce is pregnant with her second child.

There is no word how far along she is but hopefully she did not have to reveal she was pregnant too early as we all know that is bad luck.

We want to send congrats to Beyonce & Jay Z on this news.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Blue Ivy going to be a big sister....

UPDATE: Although Beyonce is NOT denying the pregnancy confirmation from E!, she is upset about it. Perhaps E! found out from the hospital in unfair ways instead of confirming with Beyonce or her reps. This could mean it was too early to let people know, which we do know is bad luck...if you believe in luck....


Scene & Heard Cancelled Concert Edition: Aretha Franklin & Beyonce

Aretha Franklin & Beyonce Image BET.com

Aretha Franklin & Beyonce both had to cancel concerts to due to health reasons. Beyonce's is fueled by pregnancy rumors.

Aretha was scheduled to perform in Chicago May 20th in Chicago and May 26th in Connecticut. Janelle Monae will take her place on May 20th.

Aside form health reasons, there has been no other reason given for the cancellations.

As for Beyonce, the concert cancellation in Belgium is said to be to "dehydration" and "exhaustion" and Beyonce's reps are waiting word from her doctor regarding letting her tour. The rumors have been rampant of Beyonce being pregnant since before her appearance at the Met last week where she wore a belt over her belly.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Belgium's are not too happy....


Country Music Star Pregnant!

Hillary Scott, lead singer of Lady Antebellum, is pregnant! The father is her husband, drummer Chris Tyrell.

She made the announcement like everyone else announces their pregnancy nowadays, and took to twitter;

"Chris & I are excited to announce that our Christmas gift has arrived a little early this year! We are having a BABY! We feel so blessed!!!"

Chris and Hillary met on the the road in 2010 while touring with Tim McGraw and were engaged over 4th of July weekend back in 2011.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Congrats to Hillary & Chris!!!


Jessica Simpson Signs $4 Million Dollar Deal For What???

Jessica Simpson Photo: Healthland.time.com
Jessica Simpson Photo: Healthland.time.com

Jessica Simpson Photo: Healthland.time.com

We guess the 800,000 Jessica Simpson received from People Magazine for her baby pictures of Maxwell Drew just wasn't enough because she just signed a $4 million dollar deal?

Who did she sign a spokesperson deal with? Click the continue reading button to find out!


Snooki Says She’s Not Pregnant Or Fat! We Say….Beeeech!

Snooki. File Photo
Snooki. File Photo

Snooki. File Photo

Rumors of "Jersey Shore" star  Snooki being pregnant hit the Internet today and Snooki was quick to say she is not pregnant and she is not fat. We responded with a beeeeeeech!

The site Radar Online who has stolen stories from this site before, reported that Snooki is pregnant.  The star not only denied it but wanted to bring up she is not even fat to be pregnant.  Snooki, real name Nicole Polizzi, has lost a tremendous amount of weight recently, finally making her head look normal size finally.

Nicole is currently dating Jionni Lavelle, who she calls her "Guido in shining armor" and is waiting for him to propose.

Let me apologize for wasting anyone's time who actually read this story.  On that note....."beeeeeeeeech!"-DocFB

Diagnosis:  No Guido cookies on the way.....


Why Did Rihanna Lipsync “We Found Love” On X Factor? Is She Pregnant?

As someone who has seen Rihanna perform amazingly live, I am baffled why she lipsynced "We Found Love" on X Factor last night.

There was dancing.  There was pyro.  All stuff she would do in her 2 hour show earlier this year without lip synching.

For the past couple of weeks, she has been on tour overseas and cancelling shows overseas for an illness that her people have said was the flu.

Others through my Twitter account have been telling me that Rihanna is pregnant.  I blew off those rumors...until last night.

I am baffled by her lip synching on the show while all the solo performances on the show are performed live.  Doesn't exactly seem fair, does it?

So, why do you think Rihanna lipsynched?-DocFB

Diagnosis:  We found....her backbround music higher than her.....


Eric Benet Releases Lyric Video For New Song “Real Love”

Eric Benet has a new song entitled "Real Love" and has released a lyric video for it. The album is due to be released in Spring 2012.

Earlier this summer, Eric Benet got married and his wife Manuella is pregnant with the couple's first child.  We are sure Eric was inspired by both when recording this song.

The song is sung in a high falsetto by Eric much like his last hit "Sometimes I Cry" in which he earned a Grammy nomination.

Check out the lyric video above and let us know what you think.-DocFB

Diagnosis:  From A Spiritual Thing To Something Real