‘Friend’ Sacha Baron Cohen on MeinSpace!

Sacha Baron Cohen / Photo: Reuters
Sacha Baron Cohen / Photo: Reuters

Sacha Baron Cohen / Photo: Reuters

Or, should I say, freund him. Sacha's latest alter ego, "Bruno" has a "MeinSpace" page to promote his up-coming mockumentary Bruno. 

Here is an excerpt from the "Abaus Mich" section of his page:

Vassup! Vilkomen zum das Meinspace page von Bruno! Bruno don't like talking abaus meinself--you probably already know zat from reading my autobiography--but vassever, here's a few things abaus me...

...Firstly, ich should tell you zat I'm in a serious relationship at ze moment und I'm completely faithful--apart, of course from blaujoben. Ich am looking to have one guyfriend of every single skin tone zere is...

...Currently, ich need a guy whos e skin colour is between butterscotch und camel.

In Bruno, which opens in theatres July 10, we get to delve into the life of a fabulously flamboyant Austrian model, and follow him along as, among other things, he crashes a Milan fashion show and a "Yes on Prop. 8" rally. Vassever.

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  1. He’s got the stereotype and cheesiness off to a T

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