Bruno Targets Salma Hayek: NO NO NO!

Bruno’s at it again. This time the Austrian fashionista targets the voluptuous Ms. Salma Hayek. While going to the spa for a quick wax job he makes a few jokes at the expense of Ms. Hayek. Bruno says his first choice spa was the place where the sultry Mexicana “gets her hairy ass done.” He […]

Harry Potter Brings In $160 Million In First 5 Days

Harry Potter pulled down Bruno’s pants and gave him a spanking at the box office. Bringing in just under $80 million it’s opening weekend and $160 million in it’s first 5 days. How did Bruno do?  Just a little over $8 million to place at number 4 and a huge drop off from opening weekend, […]

Bruno Penetrates The Box Office Top Spot

Bruno took the top spot at the box office, pulling in just over $30 million.  He ended up on top of Ice Age 2 and Transformers 2. Sacha Baron Cohen’s movie made over $14 Million on Friday and declined Saturday and Sunday.  In fact, it only beat Ice Age 2 by $2 million.  It does […]

I Saw Bruno Today And…..

I want my $12.00 back.  I like funny…not shocking to be funny.  First two minutes, my mouth dropped.  Downhill from there except for a few moments. Woulda rather seen Borat 2.-Dr.FB

Bruno Opens This Weekend? Will You See It?

Sacha Baron Cohen’s 1st movie since “Borat” opens this weekend entitled Bruno. It appears it may not be as funny as Borat was but still worth seeing. The question is, will you be seeing it this weekend? [poll id=”10″] Happy voting and stay cool this weekend.-Dr.FB