Prop 8 Is Upheld!

Prop 8 has been Upheld!!!!!!!!!


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  1. civil liberities are something you can pick and choose.

  2. Disheartened and dumfounded. This really needs to be an all or nothing decision — and NOT in any way would I say to take the rights of the already 18M same-sex-married away!!! With that being said, I would continue that it’s obvious to me that the court realizes THAT would be taking away a [particular] groups civil rights — and have chose to let those marriages stand. WHY? they don’t feel the decision applies to the WHOLE group is beyond me. It would appear that the CA Supreme Court is ‘talking out of both sides of it’s mouth,’ and still ‘straddling the fence.’
    Equal right for all …

  3. Un-frakkin’-believable! I guess the chem-trails funked up their brains, too..

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