Video: Chris Brown Speaks! “I Am Not A Monster”

Chris Brown released this video late last night and that is Bow Wow in the background.

This is an official video made by Chris. He takes the time to tell us about his new CD and that he is not the monster he is being portrayed.

This is his first public words since the "alleged" beating of Rihanna.

What do you think of this video and what Chris said?-Dr.FB

Comments (4)
  1. chirs brown is the carzy boy in theworld for going rahanna

  2. i agree with mcbrewster. if he would have sat down and said look, i made a mistake, i…….. and i’m sorry, it would have been much better, than this cocky cockbag’s “i’m not a monster”

  3. Chris is a scumbag and until he apologizes and comes clean I don’t want to hear any of his music or watch his stupid youtube videos!

  4. He is starting to do damage control…….

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