Nikka Costa Lets Raphael Saadiq Come…In Her Box


Fresh off stage after opening for Prince at the NPG Music & Art Festival, Nikka Costa invited Raphael Saadiq to come....into her box.  "Nikka's Box" is the name of her you tube channel silly funk muffins. 

The funky duo sing an improptu version of "You Met Your Match" until Raphael gets distracted by Nikka's jacket.

Check out Nikka n Raphael.  Hmm.  These guys would make great tour mates.  Just putting it out there for 2012.

Diagnosis:  So Raphael n Adam Lambert Have Came in Nikka's Box....So Far


Rebecca Black’s “My Moment” Viewed 10 Million Times On YouTube. Why?


OK.  I am absolutely dumbfounded.  I just watched the new video "This Is My Moment" from Rebecca Black.  The video has been viewed 10 million times in the past 2 days.  Dumbfounded.  If this is her moment, let it be over fast and swift.  You guys know I am not mean but...this video....this song.  Wow.  I rather pass kidney stones than watch it again.

The only plus I can think of is that 166,000 people "like" it on You Tube, and 302,000 people dislike it.  The way she looks at the camera, the way she tries to dance, it is like the video is on a 2 second delay for lameness. This girl almost made "Friday's" suck for God's sake.

This video, this song, is one of the worst I have ever seen or heard.  A week after Demi Lovatto gives us "Skyscraper" Rebecca Black gives us her moment and I rather be on the toilet having a moment. 

Am I wrong about this?-Dr.FB

Diagnosis:  10 Million Views?  Seriously?


New R.E.M. Video “Every Day Is Yours To Win” Watch Now

R.E.M. has just released "Every Day Is Yours To Win" and it features all footage from you tube.

Check it out above and let us know what you think.-Dr.FB

Diagnosis: Still Not Out Of Time


The Troll Of You Tube Revealed!

You ever wondered who was behind the mean comments on You Tube? Now you can!

Check out the clip above to find out!-Dr.FB


Rihanna Favorites Chris Brown Protege Jawan Harris’s Video

The Jawan Harris video we premiered over the weekend featuring a cameo by Chris Brown was favorited by Rihanna's Vevo Youtube channel.

Very interesting.  The video is blowing up and should have a million views in a couple of days.

Check out the video "Nobody" by Jawan Harris featuring Chris Brown.-Dr.FB


Katy Perry Answers You Tube Questions

She asked you to ask questions through you tube and you did and she answered.

Here is Katy Perry answering questions from You Tube users. Check it out above.-Dr.FB


Video: Collette Carr “Back It Up”

OK this showed up on my YouTube suggestions and I checked it out. Also, she performed with Tamar Kaprelian at the Cherrytree Records party last Friday, so I did "Back It Up" n checked out the video and liked it.

Check out Collette Carr in her video "Back It Up" and we admit, it's quite strange but we are loving it. Let me know what you think.-Dr.FB