[caption id="attachment_31332" align="aligncenter" width="625" caption="John Mayer. Photo: ContactMusic.com"]John Mayer. Photo: ContactMusic.com[/caption] John Mayer was to start a new tour in promotion of his new CD, "Born And Raised" but he just revealed he has to cancel the tour for more vocal cord surgery. Mayer had vocal cord surgery last year to remove granuloma that had grown on his throat.  After tour rehearsals Tuesday, John went to his doctor as something didn't/feel sound right to him.  The doctor revealed that the granuloma had grown back where it had healed. John released a statement saying that he has to cancel the tour and does not know when he will be able to perform live again.  He will take an immediate break from touring and live performing.  He advised that this is having an emotional toll on him but still plans to release "Born And Raised" on May 22nd, and plans to write and record more new material.  In the future, he will have more vocal cord surgery, but did not announce a timetable for it. Here is a portion of John's Statement: