Halle Keeps It HOT At Spike Tv’s Guys Choice Awards

Halle Berry Jamie Foxx wireimage.com

 Halle Berry Jamie Foxx wireimage.com

Halle and Jamie heat things up on stage at the 2009 Spike Tv's Guys Choice Award Show.  Foxx Presented her with the "Decade of Hotness Award" and she presented him with a steamy kiss and a handful of booty!

Muy Caliente!

Jamie Foxx Halle Berry wireimage.com

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  1. halle hand is on his dick . they need to get a room. they are some freaky people

  2. @Audrie Exactly!

  3. Halle is my girl I like her but that is nasty did u see where her hand was and don’t she got a man well sad to say cause I like halle but she did get her oscar because she screwed that dude in monster ball

  4. Duhhh she’s 42 yrs old, new mother, & just recv’d the HOTNESS award. This was staged–acting at it’s best. Guys think she’s hot, she has to prove why guys thinks she’s a hot MILF – Mother’s I’d Like To Phuck. This is exactly why she and jamie foxx won Oscars… they are the cream of the crop actors and they fooled all of you… when it’s the OBVIOUS.. She’s HOT.. hand on his croch,… his hand on her behind… Gosh you all are soooo DUMB! SHE”S won a DECADE of HOTNESS so she will really blow your little minds when she’s 52 years old… The Power of a Black Woman/Godess!

  5. Not getting this either…and where or what is Halle’s left hand doing on that booty shot??

  6. Jamie. What a class act. looks like halle wanted Jamie’s oscar. 😉

  7. I don’t get also

  8. I don’t get it.. I really don’t..

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