Video: New Moon Trailer

During the MTV Movie Awards last night, the first trailer was shown for "New Moon", the sequel to Twilight.


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  1. omfreaking god i am so freeaking excited!!!! that trailer gave me goosebumps….omfg i am so pumped!!!!!!!!

  2. Should I be embarrassed that this Tween Book/Movie Phenom gets my heart pounding? NOT!!! LOVING IT and can’t wait till “New Moon” smashes into theaters with a big BOOM! The unveiling of the Trailer at the MTV movie awards was genious and only added to my excitement!! Wooohoooo!

    Side note: Last nights Award Show was the first time I’d seen Kristen Stewart in person. Lets just say, well, I’LL SAY, the girl is either REALLY weird, like GIRL INTERRUPTED needing psychiatric meds wierd, or she’s on some really potent recreational stuff!!! She was freaking everyone out with those jitters and repetitive jerking!! Ewwww! —Loverherthough! LOL!

  3. Yeah.. another one I want to see..

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