Kate Gosselin Ditches The Orange, Puts On The Black And Gives Us A Sneak Peek

Kate Gosselin Splash News Photo
Kate Gosselin Splash News Photo

Kate Gosselin Splash News Photo

Look closely, is that a tattoo or a peek of a big horrible scar.....What ever it is, she needs to keep that sh** covered up.

Where the hell are her ankles?  Seriously, Cankle alert....

Kate Gosselin Black Bikini 2 Splash News Photo

Kate Gosselin Black Bikini 2 Splash News Photo

Comments (15)
  1. i love the way she looks and i like that skimpy two piece suit she has on but i would love to see her with nothing on…

  2. made me jerk off

  3. She looks good. I suspect hotdog down a hallway.

  4. she still lookes ok but those streach marks are a looser

  5. she loos ok but those streach marks still show

  6. you guys are just a bunch of ignorant haters.SHE HAD 8 KIDS FOR CRYING OUTLOUD!!! SHE LOOKS GOOD…probably better then most of you 😉

  7. She may be a media whore and a biatch but damn she’s a hot MILF and any guy who says different is gay. I’d like to make 9 with her!


  9. Wow, I didn’t realize how high up her belly button is.

  10. She looks very good, more power 2 her.
    Stop drinking the Haterade and start respecting the motherhood.

    Peace and purple <3

  11. I think she looks pretty good.

  12. Yo Dr., don’t be so critical. The woman has had 8 kids! I agree with the comment before mine, seriously, ya’ll are terrible. Good for Kate for not giving a shit & having some fun at the beach with her kids. She’s not a model, she’s a mom.

  13. Um……ya’ll should post pics of yourselves in swimsuits before you hate. Yes she had surgery…..but did you see her before? She looks aiiiggghtt…..i’ve seen worse.

  14. That’s got to be a tat. She ain’t that proper.

  15. Okay… SOMEONE needs to direct Kate to the one-piece section at K-Mart. Someone commented about the obvious tummy tuck when DocFB put up the orange bikini photo. I mean seriously — her belly button really IS in the wrong spot! How can she show that off???

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