Jon and Kate plus 8

Jon Gosselin And Hailey Glassman: Love Birds In The Park

Our newest lovebirds where caught making out at Harriman State Park in New York earlier this week.  Jon is a class act, but his gal friend takes the cake.  I’m convinced this guy like gals that have issues or major attitude problems.  How safe is this chick around kids?  Why would Jon down grade?  Cankles […]

Kate Gosselin Caught Red Handed

WTF?  Don’t you know you NEVER spank your kids. BUT if you really feel it’s ABSOLUTLEY necessary you don’t do it in public.  Why spank a six year old who is outside blowing a whistle? She is outside playing for goodness sakes. Well, I guess she disturbed Kate’s phone call.  OH HELL NO!  From the looks on the […]

Kate Gosselin And Two Of Her Kiddies Out Running Errands

 Kankles Kate and two of her adorable kids made yesterday another “errand day” in Reading, PA.  Kate must have lots of errands to fill, she seems to have all the excuses in the world to make sure she is photographed.  Rumors have been circulating, once again, about Jon’s cheating ways. We hear Jon spent Kate’s birthday […]