Kate Gosselin Back From Vacation, Pumping Gas

Kate Gosselin INFphoto.com

Kate Gosselin INFphoto.com

Kate is back from her long vacation on Bald Head Island.  She’s really not the monster people say she is, look she is pumping her own gas!  Kankles was spotted earlier today in Redding, Pennsylvania re-fueling her kiddie bus. Still, no smile, and no matter how much money is in the bank she still can’t seem to fix that hair or find something more flattering to wear.

Can’t wait to catch another dramatic episode of “Jon and Kate plus 8”.  I wonder who she is going to blame tonight. Or how many crocodile tears she is going to fake up.



  • Tori
    Posted at 23:50h, 07 April

    Oh come on ya’ll. I’ll admit the tears were probably slightly exaggerated; even though, divorce is a hard ordeal for anyone, and especially the kids. But calling this woman a “hag” is a bit over the top. So, are you sure you’re not just a wee bit jealous or maybe even envious? Maybe wish you had a Kate of your own? 😛 hehe Kate’s a woman of her own devices. She is making the best of a bad situation and she is using the media and any opportunity she can to profit from it. Not that I think her latest decision to be on Dancing With The Stars or doing a reality TV show with her 8 children, is in their best interest or theirs, because I definitely don’t. But, Jon is just as guilty, where that’s concerned. So, I think he is major hypocrite to actually come out and be saying he objects to her putting herself or them in the spotlight, since they’ve obviously been there from the very beginning. That being said, no doubt, these two people need to start acting age and not their shoe size. They need to get back to the basics and take some real responsibility for the children, minus all the glitz and glamor of Hollywood tabloid, seeking fame. You know, set a real example, like parents are supposed to do. Put the kids first and not last, to sit at home with a Nanny, while you trot off to promote yourself for a growing fortune, like Kate….or to jet set around the world with the next chick, half your age, that you can hook up with, like Jon, because I hate to burst their inflated egos; but, they’re BOTH wrong! So, I say they BOTH need to stop being so selfish and actually think of someone else for a change! Yeah, here’s a big eye opening piece of advice: PUT THE KIDS FIRST and spare the rest of us all the drama, because I for one am sick of hearing it! Handle your business and do so in private; otherwise, the kids will resent the heck out of you for the mistakes you’re making now. Now, pump that Kate. It’s worth more than the gas you put in the tank…and it’s free! Oh and by the way, the same goes for Tiger Woods and his fiasco; because mark my words, he will do it again and who cares! Although, I am sympathetic to Sandra Bullock’s dilemma; in that Jesse James is just low life piece of trash! Still yet, scandal such as these are best handled behind closed doors – and that’s why I admire Sandra for her approach. She is a classy lady and Kate could definitely learn a lesson or two from her. A return to nursing sound good right about now, Kate? It’s a living. That combined with child support would pay the bills – and the kids would actually have mommy at home to raise them. I just feel sorry for the kids.

  • Kelly
    Posted at 23:27h, 08 July

    Ok look, i know Kate Gosselin may have made some mistakes but dont we all. She may be in it all for the money. But we all sin dont judge kate i love her yall are just mean horribe people

  • Marc
    Posted at 18:43h, 09 June

    No matter how many Reality shows are shoved at the public, NONE of those people are Celebrities! This hag can pump her own gas?! What an accomplishment! Can she feed herself too? The public nervously awaits the answer…

  • Celebrity News
    Posted at 19:43h, 08 June


    […] Kate is back from her long vacation on Bald Head Island. She’s really not the monster people say she is, look she is pumping her own gas! Kankles was. […]…

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