Breaking News: Michael Jackson Autopsy Report A Fake.

The autopsy report that made the rounds this morning and I REFUSED to report was a fake!!!

The Jackson family and the Coroner's office confirmed this news a short time ago.

It came from the overseas rag The Sun and was filled with bs to the max.
Let's hope a real one does not get out!!! Privacy people please.-Dr.FB

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  1. I do hope the real report is not released in the near future. I do hope cause of death is reported publically after the tox screenings are back.

    whenever we lose a prominent public figure we see a very sick side a human kind. a man has died, we should be celebrating his life. not exposing his quirks.

  2. Even in passing the dude can’t catch a break! let the family mourn in peace! Janet couldn’t of said it better last night ” To us MJ is an icon, to them, he was family”. Would any of us like total strangers prying into their business once a family member has passed? Don’t think so. It’s bad enough that they had to do an autopsy since the procedure is so invasive.

  3. I guess it won’t even matter what the outcome of the autopsy report might be,…People have their minds and story’s made up allready.

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