Jackson Family

Michael Jackson’s Estate Reaching Out To Artists For MJ Tribute Concert

MJ Forever

Katherine Jackson is reaching out to all musicians, rappers, and anyone who will perform at an event called MJ Forever, a tribute concert to her late son Michael Jackson.  We have a feeling by the end of it, it will be Kris Kross performing with a special appearance by Vanilla Ice. She has reached out […]

Jackson Family To Attend Conrad Murray’s Trial

Dr. Conrad Murray.

The Jackson family will be there today when Dr. Conrad Murray’s trial begins.  Who else will be there?  Some of the most die hard MJ fans who will be protesting Conrad Murray outside of the court house. There will be at least 15 Jackson family members there and hundreds of fans as movement started on […]

Michael Jackson Finally Laid To Rest

Michael Jackson is finally buried. After dying June 25th. Buried 70 days later. That’s some bull right there, but now he is buried. Let’s see…a private viewing July 6th, then a memorial service of family and friends July 7th, then going to the public memorial July 7th at the Staple center and then the actual […]

If Michael Jackson’s Last Rehearsal Footage Is Released, Will You Buy It?

It seems that the “This Is It” rehearsal footage of Michael Jackson may just get released. The reason? AEG has full say in the matter and the Jackson Family has none. AEG claims to have over 80 hours of rehearsal footage, which has Sony offering about $50 million to release it.  Also, they would release […]