Report: Debbie Rowe Is NOT The Mother Of Michael Jackson’s Children

Seriously, this story is turning into a bad episode of Maury Povich.
TMZ is reporting that Debbie Rowe is not the mother of Michael Jacskon's first two children. It was done in vitro-outside the womb. So basically, Debbie Rowe's eggs were not used.

Sigh. So it all makes sense why Debbie this weekend said the kids were not Michael's and then denied it the next day: she found out that the hospital records were recovered showing she is not the biological mother.

Side note: the 3rd child, no information is available other than he was born in San Diego.

All this stuff is just sad sad sad. Please let Katherine Jackson get custody of these children.-Dr.FB

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  1. The saddest thing is how IVF is so easily open to abuse.
    I’m suprised Madonna hasn’t put in a bid for them

  2. Why, you wanna track down some stranger who’s linked to a couple of kids genetically just for some tabloid headlines and to make a messy case even messier? It [i]is[/i] petty and most of all tacky at a time like this. I think it’s fake concern for a bunch of children who have lost the person who raised them. I feel more sorry for them if they ever become aware of these stories.

  3. Please. Who cares who the mother is? It’s pretty clear that Jackson isn’t the father. (Those kids are white. Period.)

  4. “…genetics and petty things like that?” Do you seriously believe that true paternity is petty??

  5. It’s been confirmed that it was fake, she never said that Michael wasn’t the father. Whether you believe that he is or not, I think it’s tacky to speculate and argue over genetics and petty things like that.

    As for Debbie not being the mother – Paris is the spitting image of her. It’s a ridiculous claim.

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