In Vitro

Celine Dion Is Pregnant With Twins!

 She has tried 6 times in-vitro and the 6th time worked.  She stayed in New York City over a month alto taking acupuncture treatments to help and from what Celine Dion said, “It works!” She is about 4 months pregnantand is hoping for a healthy pregnancy as there has been a few false alarms in […]

Report: Debbie Rowe Is NOT The Mother Of Michael Jackson’s Children

Seriously, this story is turning into a bad episode of Maury Povich. TMZ is reporting that Debbie Rowe is not the mother of Michael Jacskon’s first two children. It was done in vitro-outside the womb. So basically, Debbie Rowe’s eggs were not used. Sigh. So it all makes sense why Debbie this weekend said the […]