Debbie Rowe

“This Is It” Is King Of The Box Office; Run Extended

Michael Jackson’s “This Is It” movie was the number 1 movie over the weekend. It grossed $21 million while Paranormal Activity grossed $16 million. Who didn’t see this coming?  The movie will now be in theatres not 2 weeks, liek they said it would, but will be there til Thanksgiving weekend.  You all knew it […]

Jackson Family Estate Coverage

FINAL UPDATE FOR DAY: Katherine Jackson withdrew her petition to be added as executor of the estate after Michael’s will from 2002 was brought in. AEG discussed a settlement of money for the footage they sold for $60 million of MJ rehearsing at Staples before his untimely passing. Katherine Jackson gets custody of kids while […]

Debbie Rowe Is NOT Taking Payout Over Kids

Despite a report from the New York Post, (the New York Post people come on!) Debbie Rowe is NOT taking a $ 4 million dollar payout over the kids to let Katherine Jackson be their guardian. I must admit, it seems the Debbie Rowe stories coming out, and there are a lot of them, all […]

Video: Debbie Rowe Goes After Paparazzi

Here is video of Debbie Rowe going off on paparazzi when they get too close to her and touch her.  It is two different angles if you let it play.  1st off, wow.  2nd, how did the heck did they find her in Lancaster, California of all places?  I mean she lives in Palmdale, so […]

Report: Debbie Rowe Is NOT The Mother Of Michael Jackson’s Children

Seriously, this story is turning into a bad episode of Maury Povich. TMZ is reporting that Debbie Rowe is not the mother of Michael Jacskon’s first two children. It was done in vitro-outside the womb. So basically, Debbie Rowe’s eggs were not used. Sigh. So it all makes sense why Debbie this weekend said the […]