Video: Justin Timberlake Talks About Michael Jackson

All we had before was a statement from Justin Timberlakebut here he is waxing about how important Michael Jackson was.

Was.  Damn.  Sorry y'll. Just still can't get over it is all.  Well, enjoy what Justin has to say about Michael. Peace.-Dr.FB

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  1. Very well put by Justin. It’s hard to put into words the influence Michael had… Doc I’m having trouble with speaking in the past tense as well, and it just doesn’t even really fit so let me change that. It’s hard to put into words the influence that Michael HAS on so many around the world. It’s an amazing thing, and it’s a true blessing from God that we were able to witness such a magnitude of talent from one man. A man who was more than willing to share that with the world and share sincere concern for the well-being of others (anyone). A truly kind, gentle soul. Again and Forever, Thank You Michael and God Bless.

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