Report: AEG Will Give Away 11,000 Tickets To The Public For Michael’s Memorial Service

Not saying what is happening with the other tickets, AEG announced they will be giving away 11,000 tickets to the public.

They most likely saw that outrage of paying for a memorial service and knew it was yet more bad PR.

There will be a press conference tomorrow morning we will be covering for you.-Dr.FB

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  1. However, as bad as this sounds, if you know the “tricks of the trade” as it were, youll come out not half as bad as you expected. Age & Gender… Firstly, if your young, your going to get shafted. By young i mean under 25.

  2. i am trying to get some free tickets to mj memorial but the website do not tell you anything are they giving false information i usually trust cnn!

  3. Relax people it’s business and Michael already got 10 Mill.$ for the shows…and he died on them…so let me get their costs back.
    If he wasn’t shooting morphium all would have bee fine…wouldn’t it?

  4. The fact that they intend to profit off of Michael even in his death just absolutely sickens me!They should be absolutely ashamed of themselves!Any smart business person knows that bad PR spreads like wildfire!!!
    I hope they get what they have comin to them!Karma is a b****!!!
    Damn money mongers!Grrrr!

  5. 11,000 free tickets?? So the rest of the 8,000 will be sold for a memorial service??? (Staples sits 20K). Wow! I have NEVER heard of this in my life!! Why they profiting on this? Plus my commute from LAX to Burbank will be HELL on Tuesday morning!! This is so outrageous and pisses me off!!

  6. Well I’m 5 mintues from staples center so I’m assuming that there will be some mad rush…..lol..But it’s nice to see they changed their minds…I mean really they can afford to offer their services for free…..the insurance company covered the canceled concert tour…

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