Report: Michael Jackson Funeral Could Be At Staples Center Next Week

Michael Jackson File Photo
Michael jackson File Photo

Michael jackson File Photo

It is being reported but NOT confirmed that Michael Jackson's funeral will be at Staples Center.  Again, NOT confirmed.  It would take place early next week, most likely be Tuesday.

Let's be honest here; the only place that could handle how many people want to to pay their last respects to Michael would be the L.A. Coliseum, which fit 100,000 people there last month for the L.A. Lakers. 

The only problem with this is that L.A. is broke and cannot afford the extra police there for coverage.-Dr.FB

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  1. He’s buried already. Just a hunch..

  2. Yes July 6th..not June 6th……from what I understand they have it booked to set up on the 6th and 7th..the shows start on the 8th.

    It can be held at the coliseum…the state can just write and iou like they are planning to do with everything else…lol

  3. June 6th? Sure you meant July 6th.

    The Ringling Brothers Circus starts on July 8th, so it could be held next Tuesday.

    As I said before, it is a shame it cannot be held at the Coliseum

  4. I don’t see how they could have it at Staples Center next week …Ringling Brothers will be there for about two weeks starting on Monday June 6th….their best bet would be to go with the La Coliseum it’s available….lol

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