Image Of Prince For Montreux Jazz Festival Released

Montreux Promo Photo Of Prince.  Photo: MontreuxJazz.com
Montreux Promo Photo Of Prince.  Photo: MontreuxJazz.com

Montreux Promo Photo Of Prince. Photo: MontreuxJazz.com

Here is the promo photo of Prince for the Montreux Jazz Festival, which we confirmed he would be playing on Tuesday. What's interesting to me is what is under the picture in french and english:

"The Montreux Jazz Festival is going to be a little bit more funky this year as a musical genius is planning on taking the stage not once, but twice.

The one and only Prince WILL be performing 2 shows at Montreux this year and he is bringing a musically talented band with him. Playing with Prince at the legendary festival will be Rhonda Smith, Renato Neto, and John Blackwell.

In his 31 years in music, Prince has won every award imaginable from a Grammy to an Oscar to one of the youngest inductees ever into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame. He performed at the 2007 Super Bowl in the rain no less and still gave off the performance of a lifetime.

In 2007, Prince gave a legendary performance at The Montreux Jazz Festival where tickets sold out in record time. So when ticket information and tickets become available this time, make sure to reserve your spot if you plan to attend."

Now, as many of you know, I  wrote that and it is incredibly cool that they used it as sort of a press release.  As you know with me, it can never be straight good news.

The source they credited for it? Prince.org, which is a cool Prince fan site, but would have been cooler if it said Drfunkenberry.com. Just saying.-Dr.FB

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  1. @ray:

    the capacity is 3600 so two concerts 7200 tickets sold and most will see both…so not the biggest achievement…

    MJ sold 800.000 tickets fast. But he is dead.

  2. Hope this has better attendance than the purple rain 25th anniversary screening in nyc last night. Yikes!

  3. Prince @ the Montreaux Jazz fest 18th of july sold out in 5 minutes !!!

  4. a positive magnet will always attract a negative one.
    using this as a base for comments is not a logical conclusion.

  5. ‘Glad I didn’t join the lotusfailure…I told you it won’t last, because the pain killers kill every concept …

    the photo: trying to be young when you 51 already…stick to your age…and show it with respect.

    The price for the two shows…: too high and on too short notice official, remember Dublin anyone?

    Have fun.

  6. Thanks very much Prince, for thinking of your LF members and fans. Great prices. Screw you!

  7. I agree a bit with what Nakedmuscle3 stated.Why is it that people feel the need to be so freakin negative all of the time?!Always wanting to tear someone down,belittle them etc.It’s really sad & pathetic!Besides in all honesty does what Prince’s poster look like really matter?Or if his outfit is fierce?Or if he is balding or airbrushed.WTF?! All that really matters is the man himself and the music that he gives us!!!If ya can’t appreciate him for that then you need to MOVE ON!I do understand people’s frustration with the Lotusflow3r site and hope that it will get some much needed attention soon!The fans are important! Wish I could be in France to enjoy the show…always seems to be a different vibe there.If the mood should strike him to pay tribute to Michael I hope that he will do “State of Shock” and FUNK IT THE HE** UP! Oh how I would just loooooovvvvee 2 c that go down especially with John on the drums!ooooweee! So please get us some audio/video footage from the show for those of us who cannot make the trek but dream of doin so!

  8. How ironic that Prince playing the same day as MJ memorial service. Hope he plays some MJ songs ….. Rock on Prince show everybody that U the last black male living legend….

  9. What Michael Jackson picture does this look like? I don’t see M.J at all.
    You are all just M.J. crazy right now. Don’t ever compare Prince to M.J.

  10. I think the pic is cool. You all complain about the most asinine things. Seriously, some of you complain about everything Prince does. It’s like he can’t get a break at all.

    We have just lost a legend and you’d think the lesson learned from that would be to appreciate and celebrate the legends we have that are still with us. Prince is giving us genius all the time, all the way live, and in your face.
    Prince is giving us that freaky creativity that Bowie gave us back in the day, but we all seem to find something to complain about and pick apart.

    With “FANS” like these, I would keep my candy to myself too.

    Right now, I am in celebration mode too, and Prince needs to be celebrated now more than ever.

    The pic is fierce, the style is too cool, and the show will be all things genius.

  11. Thanx Dr. FB (interesting picture of Prince) …

  12. I. Agreed with him not selling the tickets on lotusflow3r.com=not cool. That was the point of joining the site. I want my fan first dibs.
    a. If he’s not going to sell the tickets, will he offer live footage off lotusflow3r.com as intended? I doubt it.

    II. The Picture. Oh dear God. It took me awhile to dig his weird stylo, but this, I cannot dig to the max. The fade thingy in the front makes him look like he’s trying to hide baldness (which I don’t think he is, or is he?). I definitely don’t think it’s an MJ tribute whatsoever. He semi did it at the superbowl performance when he took the do-rag off.
    *sigh* Too much makeup. He usually goes as feminine as he could but still being a sexy man. This…
    *sigh* If you’re going to age, just freaking age ok? Do it like a man. Restylane, butolism toxin if you have to. You have the $.

    III. In my opinion, the poster needs to look more jazzy. Just sayin…

    IV. Really respect him, but the wall is starting to burn to the other side. I don’t like greediness. Especially during times like these.

    V. I’m probably just hating cause it’s really freaking hot today and its not the greatest day but beh.

    Just saying… x_O

  13. Hopefully the shows will appear in the video section of Lotusflow3r.com !!

  14. Rarely do I comlain about Prince’s pics….this one I don’t care 4 at all. I really hope this was not a MJ thing as some type of tribute.

  15. Is it possible to purchase the poster?

  16. So, this is why there have been cars at the Park and light on in the Art Dept. room! I actually thought he might have ppl. working on his website! Not that I don’t like your site Doc, I DO….I never even joined his ’cause I knew it was a rip off w/ Sam out of the pix! Speaking of pix…Hmm, I will just keep my mouth shut about this one!

  17. LOL..Dr F I can’t believe you are flattered by that when you obviously get your info direct from Princely sources? Now THAT is something to get chuffed about, but nevertheless you must get it rectified
    The fact they’ve quoted anyone else let alone the org is too funny when he’s got Lotusflow3r. I’d be positively fuming if I’d joined that mess.
    As for the photo, I love it when he looks insane..like a sexual transtasiastic spectacular lunch

  18. Now the first thing i thought when i saw the pix was that how it reminded me of one of Micheal Jacksons old Hair Styles. Maybe this is Prince’s or who ever way of a tribute??? Am I the only one who sees this??

  19. English and French? Even German (http://www.montreuxjazz.com/?lang=de&cat=news&subcat=news), but don’t know about the Japanese version of the site…
    Do the lotusflow3r.com t-shirts arrive before the concert in Montreux?

  20. Doc, ask Prince why he is not putting the tix up for sale on his lotusflow3r.com which was supposed to grant its members access to tix presales. Is that site already dead and gone? Shall I even bother checking it? Sad. Too short a notice and too steep prices, to make attending it for the fans even more unrealistic.

  21. I’m happy to see promotion for this concert which may be more than what we are getting for Lotusflow3r, but thats another story. I’m glad he’s performing and I hope he hits a home run with this one.

    Oh yeah, that was wrong what they did with this site. This is where I got the news not that so-called fansite.

  22. That fool is playing on my birthday…in a different country….happy birthday to me. :/ lol Sounds amazing, though.

  23. That picture is fucking horrible. Ugly, mis-shapen, airbrushed, ridiculous, and fake. Since when does control freak Prince let an image like that be his “poster” so to speak?


  24. very VERY cool.

  25. P.S., I apologize if it sounds like I am bitching, just exposure is exposure and I rather get it for good things and not bad like others.

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