President Obama Sneaks A Peek At The Booty

Obama  Tmz.com

Obama  Tmz.com

Some have mixed feelings about this photo.  I think its an awesome pic.  I like the feeling of knowing we have a 'normal' President who enjoys his surrounding.  Hey, maybe he was admiring her shoes.  Men do that kind of stuff all the time. Just yesterday the clerk at the gas station told me he liked my heels.  They paired perfectly with my jeans. 

 Do you think  he was really looking at her booty or is this just one of those off the wall moments?  Either way, I like it :)

B.T.W, I don't think he realized (knew) she is  ONLY 16........


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  1. WHO is that anyway???

  2. dang nice booty though.

  3. I certainly agree with Nurse Goodbody. Obama’s eyes on the “prize”? maybe.

  4. Gah, who would want to be in the public eye in any way, shape, or form in 2009. Every little thing you do as a celebrity gets put under a microscope. The problem here is that our President is actually a celebrity, to the point where they’re analyzing video of whether or not he’s checking out some girl’s ass?!! Seriously?! Somebody hit the “RESET” button on our world, please!!

  5. looks are deceiving! on GMA the played the video and Obama is NOT looking at her booty…he was turning his head to help the woman behind her down the stairs, he was being a gentleman!

  6. Dreamer,
    That video doesn’t ‘clear’ up too much! From what I see, Obama and his PAL are scoppin’ the booty :) Its all good…..

  7. That’s not what happened at all…….you need to watch the video …


  8. He’s still a man, they are going to look!

  9. LOL !!!! Looks like both Obama and that other dude are really checking her out — just regular normal dudes — doing regular normal dude stuff

  10. Oh no! He’s not “normal”. He’s a man..;)))

  11. I’m lovin this pic but only 16 shame on Barry and shame on me.

  12. Aaaww …sweet (smile)

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