The Hangover Breaks 25 Year Old Box Office Record

The Hangover Movie Poster

The Hangover Movie Poster

We were the only ones in Hollywood this was going to be one of the best movies of 2009.  What we did not know is that it would break a box office record that has stood for 25 years.

The Hangover is now the highest grossing rated R movie in movie history, surpassing Eddie Murphy’s Beverly Hills Cop’s 25 year run at the top.  The Hangover has made $235 million since its’ release less than 2 months ago.

We also just found out last week that The Hangover 2 will be in theatres 2011 on Memorial Day weekend.

Congrats to the writers, the cast, and the director on the success of  The Hangover.  Wonder how or if you will top the original, but for now, congrats on breaking a tremendous record.-Dr.FB




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