It’s Official! SONY Buys Michael Jackson Rehearsal Footage For $60 Million!!!

MJ File Photo
MJ File Photo

MJ File Photo

AEG has just sold over 80 hours of Michael Jackson's This Is It rehearsal footage to SONY. As we told you yesterday, SONY plans to make a movie out of the footage and then release it as a DVD.

We knew the deal would get finished quickly as AEG was doing the deal directly and without any involvement from the Jackson Family.

$60 millon dollars? Guess AEG did make a profit off his death now didn't they?-Dr.FB

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  1. Over 80 hours of footage… how much of that will be cut?

  2. I’m also looking forward to seeing the footage of Michael’s rehearsal —

    If & when a DVD is released … will the extras … the back-up singers & dancers get paid anything ? or will all of the profit now go to SONY since they are now the owners of the recordings ? —

    I’m sure the band & dancers will be ok with the exposure … this DVD/film will be viewied by millions.

  3. Is anyone surprised by this?

  4. im looking forwerd to seeing what ever they release

  5. yea..so they can stop screaming about how much money they lost form the concerts….

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