New Michael Jackson! “Hold My Hand” Featuring Akon! Listen Now!

Michael Jackson

"Hold My Hand" is the official 1st single from the Michael Jackson CD released since his death and it is simply titled "Michael" and is being released by Sony.

Anyone else thought it was going to be a cover of Hootie and the Blowfish's "Hold My Hand" from the 90's?  I kid.  I kid.

We did not post "Breaking News" last week because we did not think it was MJ.  This one we knows is Michael.  That and the Lenny Kravitz track that will be on the CD are the only 2 we can vouch for so far.


With Akon, I was thinking it would be more upbeat.  Was not expecting a "Smack That" but still.

What do you think of the debut single "Hold My Hand" by Michael Jackson & Akon?-Dr.FB


Michael Jackson Estate Inks Deal With Sony For $250 Million

Michael Jackson  File Photo

Michael Jackson Announces 02 Dates. File Photo

The estate of Michael Jackson has inked a deal with Sony for $250 million dollars.   It is a distribution deal for new unreleased product and some of the stuff you already own from Michael Jackson.

Sony will release 10 albums of Michael's over the next 7 years, so maybe about 4 cd's of unreleased material and then 6 others with a new song here or there. 

The deal for Sony makes sense even though it seems like a lot of money.  Since Michael's passing in June last year, Sony has sold over 31 million MJ records world-wide and with the release of "This Is It" as well, the estate will have made over $250 million in 1 year alone since his death. 

Sony also is paying for Michael's likeness to be used in video games and movies and other products. 

Michael signed a contract with Sony back in the 80's giving him control of his masters.  Sony had the rights to use his songs til 2015.  Under the new deal, they now have until 2017. 

The 10 cd's actually cover the "This Is It" soundtrack so, actually, you are getting 9 more MJ cd's, a few special editions of "Bad", "Thriller" and others.  Also, a complete DVD of all of Michael's videos will be released sometime down the road. 

Michael Jackson fans, what do you think of this deal?-Dr.FB


Video: Michael Jackson “This Is NOT It”

Here is a campaign started by Michael Jackson fans entitled; "This Is Not It" and either features some pretty powerful stuff or some off the wall (no pun intended) claims, depending on who you are.

I ask you to watch it and give your honest opinion. They have a better clip on the site ThisIsNOTIt but not for me to embed or other sites. They may want to change that OR contact me to where it is and I will gladly put it up.

For now, watch this and let me know what you think. Randy Phillips, where you at?-Dr.FB


Michael Jackson’s “This Is It” Written For Someone Else?

Here is Michael Jackson's "new" song called "This Is It" sung by Saifre? 17 years ago?

Well, this is interesting. It seems Michael Jackson's "This Is It", which was written in 1991, was given to the female singer Safire and was written with Michael and Paul Anka.

What gives? He names the tour that was to take place before his death "This Is It" so it seems there were plans(?) to go into his unreleased catalog and release it....or was it all some weird coincidence?

Safire had a HUGE HUGE hit in 1987 called "Let Me Be The One" and is a freestlye classic. "This Is It" was to be released on her "I Wasn't Born Yesterday" CD but was never released.

Sony? AEG? Any explanation?

Michael Jackson fans, how do you feel?-Dr.FB


It’s Official! SONY Buys Michael Jackson Rehearsal Footage For $60 Million!!!

MJ File Photo
MJ File Photo

MJ File Photo

AEG has just sold over 80 hours of Michael Jackson's This Is It rehearsal footage to SONY. As we told you yesterday, SONY plans to make a movie out of the footage and then release it as a DVD.

We knew the deal would get finished quickly as AEG was doing the deal directly and without any involvement from the Jackson Family.

$60 millon dollars? Guess AEG did make a profit off his death now didn't they?-Dr.FB


If Michael Jackson’s Last Rehearsal Footage Is Released, Will You Buy It?

Michael Jackson Rehearsal's June 26th 2009.  Photo: Kevin Mazur/Gettyimages.com
Michael Jackson Rehearsal's June 26th 2009.  Photo: Kevin Mazur/Gettyimages.com

Michael Jackson Rehearsal's June 26th 2009. Photo: Kevin Mazur/Gettyimages.com

It seems that the "This Is It" rehearsal footage of Michael Jackson may just get released. The reason? AEG has full say in the matter and the Jackson Family has none.

AEG claims to have over 80 hours of rehearsal footage, which has Sony offering about $50 million to release it.  Also, they would release it in theatres this fall.  It would be a movie around the footage.

So this brings us to a poll question; (No, not a stripper pole silly) Would you be interested in it?-Dr.FB

Would You Want To See The "This Is It" Rehearsal Footage Be Released?

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Michael Jackson Sales Top 9 Million Since Death

Michael Jackson File Photo
Michael jackson File Photo

Michael Jackson File Photo

Since his passing June 25th, Michael Jackson's CD sales have topped 9 million.  OK, I can't be the only fool who had everything he had done.  Didn't everyone own MJ's stuff just to see what he was up to? Ridiculous.

9 million? Read the article here.

Seems just like AEG MJ was worth more dead than alive to SONY as well.  Just sayin.-Dr.FB