Bruno Targets Salma Hayek: NO NO NO!

Bruno File Photo

Bruno File Photo

Bruno’s at it again. This time the Austrian fashionista targets the voluptuous Ms. Salma Hayek. While going to the spa for a quick wax job he makes a few jokes at the expense of Ms. Hayek. Bruno says his first choice spa was the place where the sultry Mexicana “gets her hairy ass done.” He then makes a joke about the spa workers making a coat of her discarded body hair.


Sacha Baron Cohen’s latest movie and HUGE $$ maker BOMB?, Bruno, had been riddled with controversy, from lawsuits to talk of Cohen being homophobic and making fun of gay people. Some loved the movie, while other’s found it very offensive and couldn’t stomach ever watching it again.

Sacha shouldn’t fu** with Salma, I have a feeling she would cut his ba**s off and hand them to him with the sexiest most erotic smile on her face! Watch out Bruno!

Hayek Wireimage

Hayek Wireimage

Salma Hayek File Photo

Salma Hayek File Photo



  • drfunkenberry
    Posted at 16:02h, 25 July

    ^^^^^violets, story written by Nurse Goodbody


  • violetsareblue
    Posted at 09:48h, 25 July

    Sorry Dr, but Sacha has silly British humour and ya know it’s a standing joke with the Brits that Americans are far too politically correct and it’s no suprise that some don’t get him.
    At least he stopped at the hairy ass, because he could have gone on about her hairy legs, pits and top lip! Believe it or not, most women spend laughable time trimming up and if we didn’t we all got hairy asses even Salma..shock horror!

  • ertccty
    Posted at 14:17h, 24 July

    BRUNO WHO???GO AWAY BAD DREAM!!!Salma is classy…somethin he knows NOTHING about!

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