Video~ ‘Aspray’ The New Way To Fight The Funk

This spray is suppose to cure your ass, armpit, and funky foot smell instantly!  WTF ever happened to a daily shower?  Nothing like water, antibacterial soap, and a body scrubber to get rid of the ol' body stank.

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  1. This is some sort of spoof right?

  2. soap and water, soap and water…. :)

  3. roflmbo…are they for real? I mean seriously though some people just straight up stink…I was flying back from a trip and the person behind me had their shoes off and it smelled like rank hotdogs ..i could have used this to spray their funky ass feet…

  4. This commercial/info-mercial is absolutely HORRIBLE!That product is for just plain lazy people!lol

  5. WTF! This is the way they used to “hide” bad smells around the 1700 century when it wasn’t possible to just take a shower..:////

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