Beyonce Releases Caribbean Feel “Grown Woman” Teaser!

Beyonce Photo: Tony Duran for Flaunt

Beyonce has released/leaked a teaser for the "Grown Woman" video where she can do whatever she wants and apparently it is to get Caribbean Queen feel on and we are not talking about Billy Ocean!

The video features Beyonce's mother and Kelly Rowland as well.-DocFB

Diagnosis: We don't think this will be as popular as a dance that "Single Ladies" was but you never know with Queen B....


PRINCE’s “Breakfast Can Wait” Named One Of Top Videos Of 2013!

Danielle Curiel/PRINCE

PRINCE's "Breakfast Can Wait" video directed by Daniele Curiel has been named one of the top videos of 2013!

We remember how fans were upset when they found out Prince was not in the video at first.

Consequence of Sound has the video at Number 18 of it's top 25 videos of the year countdown.

COS had this to say as why the video was chosen:

Prince actually can be funny if he wants to be. The Minnesota legend is often stylish, sometimes sensual, usually over the top, but rarely humorous.

This is also the same man who recruited teenager Danielle Curiel to direct and choreograph the “Breakfast Can Wait” video, which features a Prince stand-in that’s funny merely by existence. There are also the extended dance sequences that work as a sexual metaphor. This is a video for a man who made a song that led to all those parental advisory stickers. Times are changing, and for Prince it means making PG-13 worthy euphemisms that are left field, but still delightful. Pretty much everything can wait when Prince is actually having some fun.

"Breakfast Can Wait" also made Rolling Stone's list of top 100 songs of 2013.

Congrats to PRINCE & Danielle Curiel!-DocFB

Diagnosis: Grammy Nominations are on Friday. Will we see a few nominations for PRINCE?


Your First Look: Andy Allo’s “People Pleaser” Teaser Video

I just got an email from Andy Allo who released a teaser for the "People Pleaser" video that debuted at The Sayers Club last week.

A little taste... to make sure you're ready... Are you?-Andy Allo

I can testify the video is funky. I cannot wait for all of you to see the full version.

For now, enjoy the teaser that Andy has put out of "People Pleaser" off of her upcoming CD "Superconductor" due for release....November 20th.-DocFB

Diagnosis: I thought I was the People Teaser....


Jennifer Lopez & Casper Smart On Set Of New Music Video

Jennifer Lopez & Casper Smart. Photo: Fameflynet.com
Jennifer Lopez & Casper Smart. Photo: Fameflynet.com

Jennifer Lopez & Casper Smart. Photo: Fameflynet.com

Jennifer Lopez is in Acapulco with her boyfriend Casper Smart filming a new music video.

Lopez and Smart looked on while the music played and extras were being filmed. The couple was extremely affectionate during the shoot.

There are rumors that Casper is directing the music video but have not been able to confirm that just yet.-DocFB


“Girl Gone Wild” Madonna Video Shows Boys Going Wild In Teaser

Leave it to Madonna to have boys going wild in a video called "Girl Gone Wild" with the singer gyrating in a tight outfit.

I'm waiting for Madonna to give me more than what she has in the past, but it isn't exactly happening.  I can't really fully judge until we see more than a little clip but it did not leave me excited.

Yes, for 53, she can still look sexy.  I haven't doubted that.  Her music videos have always been impressive and groundbreaking.

I'm hoping for "Confessions On The Dance Floor" but worried I am going to be getting "American Life" and that scares me.

What do you think of the new Madonna video teaser for "Girl Gone Wild"?-DocFB


LOL! Batman’s Night Out Video Becomes Viral Sensation

Batman is protecting the streets of Toronto. What was supposed to be a "Sh*t Batman Says" turned into a lot more.

I figured these things only happen in the streets of Los Angeles and New York. But Toronto? Man, this is so kooky its funny!

Check out the craziness. We wonder if they will make a series out of this.

I mean who thought we would see a Batman having trouble opening beef jerky?-DocFB


Beyonce Releases New Video For “Party” Featuring J. Cole

Here is "Party" the latest video by Beyonce and J. Cole. We are not sure if she has lifted anyone else's video yet however.

The make up and lipstick we can confirm was used by the girls in the 80's video "Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go" by Wham!

I do like the line bout "Friday" and thanking Ice Cube for it. It has a cool beat that I may bob my head at a party but not sure I would be rolling round bumping it.

Check it out and let me know what you think.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Swagoo? Seriously?