Bloggers Want To Be ‘Megan Fox’ Free

Megan Fox Wireimage

Megan Fox Wireimage

For the past several months Megan has graced numerous red carpets, been on every magazine cover from here to Germany and has sat at press-conferences all over the world, oozing sexiness, but barely saying a word.  Are men really getting tired of her? Are they ready to give her the axe?

Men sites are saying “yes” they would like to see a bit less of Megan.  It’s time to take a short break form her sexiness  in the world of entertainment news, so  several men’s websites are banning Fox for a day. They say they have nothing against the tattooed beauty, but they are still banning her from their sites on August 4, 2009.

So DR.FB, that goes for us as well…. No Megan or any other FOX related news on Aug 4Th.  Yeah, I know what your thinking Doc…..’But It’s MY day’….well, Im sure we will come up with something to fill that void 🙂



  • Hundalasiliah
    Posted at 16:55h, 29 July

    There is nothing – I repeat, NOTHING – sexy about her. In every photo, she looks like she doesn’t care about you or anything. In every interview, plenty of talking without a shread of thinking. These things are the antithesis of sexy. She is the embodiment of all there is to hate about celebutante “culture.” You cannot swing a dead cat over your head on Sunset Boulevard without hitting 1,000 girls just like her. I say ban her FOREVER.

  • Zoë
    Posted at 15:51h, 29 July

    market saturation. go a few days without Ms. Fox and look at her again, somehow she gets better looking.

    personally, I don’t find her attractive, but I do see why others do. a face and body like that are hard to imagine.

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