Video: Drake Takes A Fall

Drake, who already was told by doctor's not to perform as he messed up his ACL, fell on it on Friday, around the 30 second mark of the clip.  Drake will be leaving the America's Most Wanted tour and will be having surgery on it this week.

Guess he needed that wheelchair before after all.-Dr.FB

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  1. Drizzy’s new video is hot but It doesn’t make the song better like some videos seem to do for me. Hopefully his next single will be better musically

  2. That shit was fuuuuuunnnnyyyyyy!!! I am so sick & tired of that tired ass “look” of the pants’ waistline completely beneath the ass!!! It is just stupid, ignorant, low class & straight up ghetto (in the worst sense of the word). The “music” scene sux as bad as it does b cuz of fools like this sad ass wanna b, all about image, & damn near m t when it comes 2 talent!!!

  3. Is this a live show? He falls to the floor, but the track with vocals is still going on. Did I miss something here?

  4. He now lost thousands of dollars. Not being able 2 tour is an artist bread and butter

  5. Probably tripped over his trousers, wear a belt for godsakes!

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