Eric Dane Gets Steamy With Wife On Tape

Eric Dane File Photo
Eric Dane File Photo

Eric Dane File Photo

Eric Dane may be living up to his TV character's name. The Grey's Anatomy actor is having way too much fun taping his 'intimate' moments.  A video, which shows the actor, his wife Rebeccca Gayheart, and another woman, Kari Ann Peniche (Miss Teen USA 2002)  in some non-PG positions has spread quickly and giving a free show to anyone who gets their hands on it. 

Wanna see?  I hear the tape can be seen on Gawker.com

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  1. Didn’t see much sex going on there, just people chillin. WHY do they have to cover his willy, it can’t be that obscene?!

  2. I just saw the video. It is more of a drug tape than a sex tape. They all seem to be coke heads. McSteamy not so steamy anymore…. : (

  3. The only problem is they video taped it….and now they have to act ashamed and embarrassed even though it’s their lifestyle……Now people are going to act like they’ve never had their romps and threesomes or orgies while they condemn them in public….granted….not everyone gets caught up in situations like that but it’s way more common than people make it out to be…..especially in Hollywood……this country is so sexually repressed

  4. Thank you for that picture of Eric Dane. He looks yummy.

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