Sex Tape

Hulk Hogan Admits To Cheating On Ex-Wife With Friends Ex-Wife!

Hulk Hogan was just a guest on Howard Stern where Hulk admitted that he slept with his friend Bubba The Love Sponge’s (& you thought drfunkenberry was a funny name?) ex-wife. It was with Bubba’s blessing though. Bubba’s ex-wife, Heather Clem, had sex with Hogan 6 year’s ago and appears on the sex tape that […]

Kim Kardashian Sex Tape Will Cost $30 Million Dollars For The Rights

Kim Kardashian. Photo:

Kim Kardashian’s sex tape made her famous and now that it is not needed, someone is trying to take the footage off the Internets.  It is going to cost her…I mean someone, $30 million dollars to have it removed. Vivid Entertainment, the Porn Kings, own the rights to the sex tape and if she, again, […]

Burn! Usher Sex Tape To Be Released?

Just what the world needsl another celebrity sex tape!  This time, starring Usher n his ex-wife Tameka Foster.  Tameka has confirmed that her n Usher did make a sex tape while married. Tameka is not pleased about it and Usher has yet to comment on the tape.  We wonder if Usher will file a lawsuit […]

Sandra Bullock Talks! Denies Sex Tape

Sandra Bullock.

Sandra Bullock is finally talking…and it took rumors of a sex tape of her and Jesse James to do it. Sandra released this statement: “There is no sex tape. There never has been one and there never will be one.” And there you have it.  There ARE Jesse James sex tapes, but none with Sandra.  […]

Carmen Electra Lesbian Make Out Footage Leaks

OK, so was this “accidentally” leaked or what?  I don’t know if this tape is recent or old but aside from Carmen Electra doing a burlesque show, I haven’t really heard of her doing anything recently.  The tape is sad….but at the same time…..kind of hot.  Hot in the sense that Carmen’s body is still […]