Video~Jay Z’s Bodyguard Assaults Paparazzi

Wow! Jay Z's bodyguard goes overboard and assaults a pap pretty bad! Do you think Julius was out of line or just doing his job?

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  1. There is no way that Jay is the best rapper alive.

  2. He did his job well, up until they threw the heavy tripod at the boat,he was rather cool. If Beyonce or JayZ had been injured by that tripod, what would the Pap’s defense have been?? If he had given them a beat down with the tripod, the Pap might have something to bitch about, but they don’t

  3. Paparazzi need to chill. They got one photo from their out shot why take a bunch of others they’re not even gonna use when they publish just the one in the magazine. I swear Paparazzi are some of the selfish dudes out there and get a ‘real job’. I could take pictures all the live long day without a thought or a concsiouss. Celebrieties performing are public enough, they can’t stay inside forever. PEOPLE not Celebrities, need to go OUTSIDE. not stay in their house and grow up all grim like like gullum. If you can’t respect these big people, you will lose 15 other Michael Jackson’s and then who you got to entertain you.. Record Label CEO’s? ;)

    ha ok i’m done, it’s the truth though.

    Preach OMG, preach

  4. In my opinion he didnt do anything wrong, he was doing his job he told them to back up and not to run up behind them one of the paps had already knocked into one of the guests (girl with the curly hair following B and Jayz).

    To be honest i was waiting to see him wack the pap with the camera stand or something. I love the fact he threw the camera stand or whatever it was into the water the pap shouldnt have thrown it at him in the first place. If he was charged the pap also should be charged for throwing a lump of metal (camera stand) at him

  5. nothing wrong with this, no way the “pap” was just doing his job, he doesnt have a job, do somthing with your life and let these people enjoy at least little privacy, pap’s have no respect they deserve to be treated like the …… they are. And i am not a fan, bit there has to be a way to keep them away, i know people will say if Jay-Z and B want privacy they should not be in showbiz. i disagree, there is nothing usefull paparazzi do for the world. i do like this website as i find it to be the only one tastefull but other then that i have no respect for pap’s. And people geting arrested over protecting someones privacy is bizzare, i think the bodyguard actually handle it pretty well and kept cool at least for what i can see in the video….. sad sad lowlifes (paparaqzzi) go get a real job!

  6. I say he was just doing his job.

  7. I don’t think he did anything wrong. How many times do you have to ask to be left alone and not followed or video taped? Those guys started to insult him and curse him. Plus, they didn’t get beat down at all, or at least not bad.

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