The Daily Show Takes Jay Z To Task For Not Boycotting Barneys “Jay Z Penny Does Not Care About Black People”

Jay Z & John Stewart Photo: Rap-Up.com

Jay Z is under the microscope for his upcoming connection with Barneys after 2 black people were detained and under suspicion for their debit cards purchases at the high end store.

Jay Z Penny

One customer bought a $350 belt at Barneys with a debit card, and the charge went through mind you, but the Barney's employee called security on the customer.

Larry Wilmore is obviously joking when he says that "Jay Z does not care about black people", poking fun at Kanye West making that comment about former President George W. Bush.

Calling him Jay Z Penny was pretty funny.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Will not breaking the deal with Barneys, will Jay Z lose street cred?-DocFB


That Shhh Cray! Timbaland, Jay Z, & Lenny Kravitz In Paris

Timbaland, Jay Z, & Lenny Kravitz. Photo: Mathieu Bitton

We wonder what was discussed between Timbaland, Jay Z, and Lenny Kravitz last night in Paris? A collaboration? Timbaland's divorce? Pictures of Blue Ivy? A spoiler of The Hunger Games Part 2?

Whatever was discussed, Mathieu Bitton caught it on camera last night for our photo of the moment.

Mathieu says the photo was taken at 79-Club Paris around 3 A.M.

We are sure there is more to the story but thank MB for being there and capturing the action!-DocFB

Diagnosis: LK was performing with Bruno Mars earlier in the week in case you missed it.


Jay Z Signs Steven Speilberg’s Kids, Theo & Sasha To A Record Deal!

Theo & Sasha Speilberg Photo: Vibe.com

Jay Z has signed movie director Steven Speilberg's kids to a record contract to his Roc Nation label. Theo and Sasha Speilberg are part of the band Wardell and have been hot in Hollywood clubs.

Theo and Sasha also performed at the Teen Vogue party in Hollywood last month. They also have an EP perfectly titled "Brother/Sister" out now and plan to release their debut album on Jay Z's label next year.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Hopefully they bring it fast and hard because a word that has "ism" at the end is all that will be discussed right now....


Janelle Monae, Gary Clark Jr., Kanye, D’Angelo, Pearl Jam, DMC, To Appear In Documentary By Ron Howard

Janelle Monae Photo Still Rap-Up.com

Janelle Monae, Kanye West, Gary Clark Jr. D'Angelo, Pearl Jam, Skrillex, Run D.M.C. and more will be in "Made In America" which will be directed by Ron Howard. The film is produced by Jay Z, Brian Grazer, and Ron Howard.

The movie premieres this Friday October 11th on Showtime at 9 P.M.

Gary Clark Jr.  Photo: Latisha Alsys For Drfunkenberry.com

Clark will also be on The Queen Latifah Show this Wednesday October 9th (Yes, she has a show and is killing in the ratings) and Gary will also be returning to the Late Show With David Letterman on November 7th.

"Made In America" captures Jay Z uniting the biggest names in music - including Clark, D'Angelo, Janelle MonĂ¡e, Pearl Jam, Skrillex, Run-D.M.C., Kanye West - to perform at a star-studded, multi-genre, two-day "Made in America" festival in Philadelphia. The film chronicles the inspirational event, which emphasizes "the diversity of musical genres that appeal to today's youth, the cultural heterogeneity of the festival's target audience - and, perhaps most important, the myriad possibilities for success that exist for those willing to do the hard work of making dreams come true," as Variety put it in its review.

Nice to see Janelle and Gary getting some shine on this.-DocFB

Diagnosis: Pretty impressive that Ron Howard is behind this. Perhaps more films like this will be made now?


…And The Wealthiest Hip-Hop Artist Is……

Diddy, Beyonce, & Jay Z Photo: xclusiveszone.net

When it comes to the wealthiest hip-hop artist, according to Forbes, and you guessed Jay Z, 50 Cent, or Dr. Dre, you would be close, but wrong.

According to Forbes, Diddy is the wealthiest hip-hop artist and is worth $580 million dollars and pulled in $50 million in the past year. That is a whole lot of green.

Dr. Dre was number 2 worth $350 million and made $40 million last year.

Birdman is worth $150 million to put him at number 3.

50 Cent aka Curtis Jackson is worth $125 million.

Looks at bank account. A negative sign before the money isn't good is it?-DocFB

Diagnosis: Yea, the money is in music writing about the artists who make the money. Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight!


Beyonce Covers Amy Winehouse’s “Back To Black” With Andre 3000; Falls Flat

Beyonce & Amy Winehouse Image By celebnmusic247.com

Beyonce is covering "Back To Black" by Amy Winehouse. The song is from "The Great Gatsby" soundtrack and features Andre 3000.

I want to like it. I really do. It is good...but not as good as Florence And The Machine's "Gatsby" song or Lana Del Rey's contribution. Maybe knowing that Jay Z is producing the soundtrack and that Beyonce appears on it makes me critic it more than I should. Maybe it is because that Amy's version is more powerful. It is a great tribute, but I take it as nothing more.


Diagnosis: Dunk it


New Lana Del Rey “Young & Beautiful” From “The Great Gatsby” Soundtrack! Listen Now!

Lana Del Rey  Photo:  H&M

Fresh on the heels of her cover of "Summer Wine" is the new Lana Del Rey song "Young & Beautiful" from "The Great Gatsby" Soundtrack!

The song is co-written by Rick Nowels and is the theme song to the movie. The soundtrack will be released on May 7th.

The soundtrack also features Florence & The Machine's "Over The Love" which is a previous DrFunkenberry Jam of The Week.

It also features songs by Beyonce and Fergie. The soundtrack is produced by Jay-Z. So far, he is doing a great job.-DocFB

Diagnosis: If the movie is half as good as the songs, it is going to be amazing!