Bria Valente’s “All This Love”

Bria Valente Promo Shot File Photo.  Photo: Prince
Bria Valente Promo Shot File Photo.  Photo: Prince

Bria Valente Camouflage. Photo: Prince

Here is "All This Love" From Bria Valente's "Elixir" CD that is sold as part of Prince's LotusFlow3r and MPLSound package, still on sale at Target for $11.99.

So do you dig "All This Love" or what?-Dr.FB

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  1. Hi Bria. He`s seeing some girl in NY as well as a new french girl from LA AND Jennifer, Lala and Rashida. All your old friends are back in the fray. LOL

  2. Hot song , pretty voice.

  3. ^^Great pitch? You need to clean your ears out thats autotune and massive effects on all her vocals. BORING. If she were not so beautiful she would receive more compliments?? LUDICROUS.

    She’s boring. A gold digger and user. The boring part cant be forgiven!

  4. I never paid attention to how good Bria’s voice is until i took a close listened to “All this love” today. Great pitch, tone and sweet delivery. I dont agree with anyone who says she is boring singer. If she was not so beautiful I think she would receive many more compliments.

  5. Digging this big time. A duet on this would be fire!

  6. LOVE IT!

  7. No one has mentioned how in this song, bria sings “Bolivian paper doll” and when prince performed it in montreux he sings “pretty little paper doll”

  8. This song is tight! I keep goin back to her cd and its gets better with each listen. I like the jazzy production and Bria has got a smooth sexy voice that works perfectly with it. Prince put effort into this release, SOLID.

  9. Don’t care for it, but my hubby likes it.

  10. I love that song. P’s music on the entire album works 4 me.

  11. My lips are soft, my hips are round………If you don’t bounce, we can have a ball

  12. Sounds good, clever beginning musically. Sounds like a groover and her voice is very nice, smooth and breathy and not annoying like most cubicle created female artists out there.

    LMAO – thats really crass, its really just a reflection of U, goes for all you “fans” of fams that question or suggest something about femininity. Time to look at yourselves a little closer.

    But yeah, Lotus should be promoted a bit more, maybe a few US concerts or something.

  13. What are you gonna do with all this LOVE..?

  14. This cd is boring. She has the personality of a paper bag and its well documented she posts all over the net spilling Prince’s business. Why would we want to support such a desperate tranny? Prince sings these songs I’m down. I bought the cd because of him not him. Lmao.

    Ps he sang the shit out of her song in Monaco. That’s all I want to hear.

  15. I’ve never seen Prince promote an artist like this b4….He is really dedicated to her. Kinda reminds me how he brought Sheila E out minus sheila per4rmed live………..Also seems like the Lotusflow3r project is slowly being promoted again. I luv this whole project

    Prince please don’t abandon this project like U did 3121….


  17. I like it.

  18. nope, don’t dig it. definitely the least interesting Prince protegee project since, well, ever. very generic on all levels — lyrically, musically, vocally. not bad, just b-o-r-i-n-g.

  19. I would love to hear them both sing this song as a duet! That would be hot!!!

  20. Love Elixir, Bria’s got a nice voice, especially ‘Something U Already Know’
    but would love to hear Prince sing this god almightly sexy track..

  21. When is this magical mystery concert?

  22. One of my favorites from her album!

  23. This song is real nice. My favorite of, Elixir!!!

  24. Yep. I like :)

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