Michael Jackson Would Have Been 51 Today



So can we can start to celebrate his music?-Dr.FB

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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MICHAEL !!! … I had a great weekend celebrating the music — the videos and the man who we all came to know as the Michael Jackson the “King of Pop” . …. For me Michael will live on in my heart & soul .

  2. honestly only 2 people??! Happy Birthday MJ from D from NY man. You were the Greatest no matter how people tried to test you man. Hope you’re happy up there doing the moonwalk and watching down on your family man. Hopefully it was both a touching and learning experience for them. Rest your soul Mike.

    Peace Michael

    x – D

  3. Still have a hard time believing he is gone…He didn’t even make it to 51. Its unfortunate how he died. But with everything in his system, I feel it would have been inevitable anyway. Unless he got an intervention. But he would not let no one close to him enough to do that….. He must have been really sad to have all those drugs pumped up in his body… God rest his soul. There will never be another Michael Jackson :-(

  4. May he rest in peace.Special prayers & wishes going out to him! :)

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