Coming Soon! Shwayze Interview!

Shwayze & Cisco Adler. Photo:

Shwayze & Cisco Adler. Photo:

I hinted last week we had some real cool things happening soon and now I can tell you one of them.

We will be having an interview with Shwayze very soon and I want you guys to be a part of it! I am going to take it old school and want you guys to be a part of the interview. So, along with my own questions, you guys will submit questions to ask Shwayze and Cisco and they will answer them.

Sound cool? Well, start thinking of questions and in the next day or so, I will open up a post for those questions to be posted.  It’s my way of wanting you guys to be involved. So spread the word and look for the post soon.-Dr.FB




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