• ertccty
    Posted at 01:56h, 09 September

    I have not heard the speech yet.But from what I have been told by a few they felt that it was motivational.What is wrong with that?!To tell people to put their best foot forward.Truth hurt?lol I tell people that all of the time!I personally think many people are just very miserable and don’t have much to be happy about in their own lives.So for some reason they feel the need to spread their hate and negativity like a disease.The problem with the youth today is that they are not disciplined whether it be by parents,mentors,etc.It is very important for them to have someone to look up to,someone to stand up and be a role model for them.Be a mentor to the youth!Intelligence and pushing yourself to excel in life is something to be proud of.And instead of putting people on pedestals that set bad examples to our youth why don’t they look to someone like Ludacris who just bought 20 cars for struggoing people!The world would truly be a better place if people would stop hating…work together and make positive things happen.THE NEGATIVITY ONLY BRINGS YOU AND OTHERS AROUND YOU DOWN!So instead uplift and encourage one another! Peace~

  • LexAve456
    Posted at 16:20h, 08 September

    I thought it was a very good speech. There wasn’t anything political in that speech, it was all motivational. I think it was great that he would speak to the kids to give them a jump start in the new school year. It’s a shame that more politicians don’t do this. The people tripping off of this are truly out of their mind.

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