President Obama

Video: Beyonce Sings National Anthem At Obama’s Inauguration

Beyonce performed the “Star Spangled Banner” at President Obama’s 2nd Inauguration earlier today. Was it us or was Obama looking at Beyonce like a proud papa? She did not perform “At Last” like last time which upset Etta James who has since passed away. Beyonce’s next performance will be at the Super Bowl Halftime Show […]

Katy Perry Lets Us Know Who She’s Voting For On Her Dress

Katy Perry performed at a rally for President Obama in Las Vegas yesterday, wearing a ballot as a dress that was marked in for Obama. This is not the fist time Perry has shown her support for Obama and I’m sure it will not be the last. Latex can be quite unforgiving despite your political […]

Big Bird Responds To Mitt Romney

This is all people will remember about the first debate between President Obama and Governor Romney: Big Bird. Sesame Street is more important than Wall Street.-DocFB

Seriously? Heavy Metal Rocker Says Obama Planned Massacre In Aurora, Colorado!

We have a feeling that Obama digs Metallica over Megadeth anyway. Dave Mustaine, lead singer of Megadeth claimed in a concert in Singapore recently that he believes President Obama is behind the shooting in Aurora, Colorado to push gun laws. Go to around the 2:38 mark to hear where Dave slams Obama. He even blamed […]