Kanye West Reappears In Hollywood

Kanye West Reappears In Hollywood

Kanye West & Amber Rose In Hollywood.  Photo: FamePictures.com

Kanye West & Amber Rose In Hollywood. Photo: FamePictures.com

Well, not seeing Kanye West around lasted….about a week. He was spotted in Hollywood with his “girlfriend” Amber Rose last night.

I wonder if it was a test to see how people would respond to him, weather they still care about him or would heckle him. None of that happened. He was not ignored and there were many cameras following his every move.  Shoot, everyone is using the whole “I’ma let you finish line and adding Beyonce had the best so n so of all time”

The people that think his career will be over after last week’s incident should know better.  We live in a society now where you can go berzerk and shave their head or get caught with a grip of drugs at an airport and then go on Oprah although they may not have done anything in years. Shoot, even someone who publicly beat their girlfriend still has a career.

His actions are not rewarded but when grandmas everywhere are talking about Kanye West when 2 weeks ago they werren’t, well then, in the end, Kanye won in the long run while his rep took a hit in the short run.-Dr.FB



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  • AmberRose
    Posted at 02:30h, 24 September

    That woman is beautiful! I hope she is smart and takes her career over into acting! Please not music! She could be the next Angelina Jolie! She has a very unique look and is able to pull of a bald head???? Not many women can do that!

  • KevinPaul
    Posted at 17:41h, 23 September

    This dude is sick,take drum machines and synths away from him,and you have nothing,add that to his psychotic behavior and who really wants to deal with this fool.

  • Lisa as LRE
    Posted at 15:03h, 23 September

    So now what…he’s out in public examining his girlfriend’s breasts for lumps? (ha ha..saw the photo and I couldn’t resist:-).

  • Controversy12
    Posted at 11:05h, 23 September

    My thoughts are … just separate the man from the music — In my opinion Kanye West can be a jerk at times however … he has produced some great music and has worked with some of the best in music today — I never thought his career would be over because of that stupid VMA thing — people seem to have gotten over it — bring on the Kanye West /Taylor Swift collaboration jam !!!

  • LexAve456
    Posted at 09:28h, 23 September

    Sadly Doc, you are right. It just goes to show you how low society has become. I dare say that the internet has also helped keep “stars” who shouldn’t be stars alive. If Kanye had done this kind of thing 20 years ago, he would still be in hiding and come out maybe 10 years later. People should boycott him or anyone who does something outrageously offensive but that won’t happen. Even if a star murders or rapes/molests someone and it’s been proven that they have done that crime, the star will still have a career and it’s not right but this is the way of the world in 2009.

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