Video: The Michael Jackson Opus Book

Here is a first look at the Michael Jackson Opus including some new technology. It is a trip.

So will you be buying the book?-Dr.FB

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  1. thanks doc

    already preordered my copy it looks beautiful though i am not sure how this tech will work but fingers crossed it is amazing as it is sounding

  2. I won’t be buying it, and I will say Thanks to the good doc for putting his comment in about P/MJ!

  3. I am glad someone said it.

  4. thank you doc

  5. ^ Thanks Doc

  6. Its pretty sad that you keep comparing someone who died to someone who is still alive.

    Not everything is what it seems. Trust me…Michael only wanted to do 10 shows not 50. AEG put that crap out there. AEG got him the Opus deal.

    A lot of crap you are believing was put out by AEG.

    So I guess every single MJ thread for the rest of time is going to mention Prince?

    Must be great to know that he is competition is dead. Lame. Lame that it brought up. Lame that is all Prince fans can think of.

    It isn’t enough he is still alive is it? But do you all respect him more and appreciate him more? No. You just keep comparing him to someone who is dead like he is dead. Lame.

  7. I find this all very interesting to say the least. I am convinced now more than ever that Mj was trying his best to surpass Prince in every way as it relates to his 21 nights in London….all unprecedented….the tour, the book and the opus…by Prince. Michael wanted to do it better….50 shows, high tech book/opus…..what will be next?

  8. LOVE the technology – truely amazing.

  9. That is too cool !!!! …I remember seeing that on the today show. I’ve ordered mine already also and I can’t wait to get it .

  10. i already pre-ordered it over a month ago

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