A Question Or Two For You

So how is everyone doing? You know I like to hear from you all.

Did you have a good weekend or anything cool going on?

Chime in and let's start the conversation with everyone else.-Dr.FB

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  1. spent the entire weekend sick in bed. yuck but whenever i woke up i looked to you for my daily funk and news. keep it up Doc, you do a great job!!

  2. I’m gonna sue Madonna for stealing My.Name.
    And I really hate those Kardassians. Sorry.
    I.Hate.All.Of.Them.Including. That .Mother.

  3. Note to self; MORE stories on the Kardashians. :)

    Thank you for the compliments. Doesn’t Madonna go by Esther as well? ;)

  4. I like your blog. But I really don’t like those Kardassinas. Like. Really.Not.
    Just my honest opinion …
    Had a good weekend anyway.

  5. It was busy but fun.

  6. Feeling Blessed and getting some things organized, u?

  7. I’m Oke I guess. Had a relaxed weekend. (wich was fine with me)
    But of course Monday is here already again.

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