Calling all TRUE FUNK SOLDIERS and MUSICIANS!!! If you were interviewing Nile Rodgers, what would you ask? Send us your questions! You can post your questions in the comments section below (recommended) or via DrFunkenberry’s Twitter and Facebook Fan Page accounts!-DocFB Diagnosis: FREAK OUT!

Video: Google Goes Gaga For Interview

Lady Extravangza aka Lady Gaga did an interview with Google where she answered fans questions. Get past the 3 minutes plus of fluff music to get to the interview. I will say this; it shows the power of promotion of youtube with people covering your songs. But, you are here for the interview. What is […]

New Years Eve Plans & Resolutions

Hello everyone.  So 2009 is about to be put to rest and this entire decade.  What are we calling this decade anyway?  What are we calling this upcoming one?  While I am asking questions….. What do you have planned for New Years Eve this year? What was your favorite New Years Eve experience in your […]

Some Questions For You October Edition

So, it’s been a little bit since I have done something like this but I have a few questions for you. How are you? Looking forward to the weekend? Looking forward to Halloween? Have you picked out a Halloween costume this year? Any party plans? Is this economy still kicking your butt or what?-Dr.FB

A Question Or Two For You

So how is everyone doing? You know I like to hear from you all. Did you have a good weekend or anything cool going on? Chime in and let’s start the conversation with everyone else.-Dr.FB