Prince’s Dance 4 Me Icon Remix Now on iTunes

Cover for Prince's Dance 4 Me Icon Remix single
Cover for Prince's Dance 4 Me Icon Remix single

Cover for Prince's Dance 4 Me Icon Remix single

Earlier this month we posted a video showing the making of Prince's Dance 4 Me Icon Remix with David Alexander.

The 7 minute remix, entitled "Dance 4 Me (David Alexander Icon Remix) [Club Mix]",  is now available on iTunes (link) in 256kpbs goodness  for $.99

But why the old photo? We would love a new pic of the prettyman pimpin' in style.-Dr.FB

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  1. A couple of my best friends “liked” this article on facebook so I decided I would check it out. I just did the same so i hope a few more people will search for this 🙂

  2. “.. Bother Tavis and I and Prince..We stayedu p all night talkin’ about 7 hours..” ( Dr. Cornel West)

    Man.. I would looove to do the same. And I’ll do it with a 🙂 on my face too. Just like he said.

  3. As stated over n again, wasted $77 on lotusflower, will NOT pay for another Prince item on another site. Bought LF @ Target, plus $77 for the site, and u want more $?? Somebody tell prettyman we’re in a recession! And that we were primised all this stuff with LF the site and we’ve not gotten much at all.

  4. Love getting bigger stronger better day by day..(working on it)

  5. Yeah, I’m still thinking about the $77 I threw away!!

  6. ha, ha, ha – Already downloaded and danced to –Hallelujah 😆 Get Wild

  7. Thanks for the news Doc. 🙂 However…I personally dislike the Icon Remix .I have heard better ones & Prince could also do a remix better than any other HIMSELF!But I understand handing things over every once in a while to get someone else’s take on things. 😉 I will not be listening nor purchasing the Icon Remix.But I LOVE THE ORIGINAL SONG!I like to shake the maracas!lol As for the pic…yeah come on Princey!Everyone say in unison~We need some more man candy from you! lol I mean…he is a photographer!Give it up for self timers! Strike a pose and give us your best phone pic!Somethin!Pretty please with whipped cream on top! 😉 Plus I would like to add how happy I am to see that he is venturing out and keeping his options open with his music etc.Get more “NEW” purple people on the boat! 😉

  8. I did some digging and it turns out that Morris Hayes is affiliated with IC Digital too. He’s like a co founder (or something like that). It’s pretty interesting, I think it is just Prince testing the distribution which is probably the reason for the “old Pic”.

    IC Digital’s distribution aint nothing to snicker about too.

    Again, this is just speculation.

  9. do a remix and put it on itunes
    very clever

  10. I don’t like the remix. Why a remix? The original Dance 4 Me is absolutely fine, nothing wrong with it. The whole damn LF trio is worth it’s value.


    And why can you only buy that remix on I tunes, but not the LF album?
    And Prince probably used an old photo because he doesn’t like aging? That’s so girly … O wait … It’s Prince.

  11. I guess I can get my Prince fix on. Shaking my booty right now.

    This is just speculation but, maybe Prince is just testing different methods of distribution to see what works best for him and his loyal supporters. Remember, way back, when there was the NPGMC? Not everyone was a happy camper (Mac vs PC). This could be the reason why the LotusFlow3r hasn’t came into full bloom yet.

  12. Peculiar, but highly interesting move:

    “Prince has also given IC Digital the unique distinction of distributing, marketing, and releasing the “Dance 4 Me” Icon Remix”


  13. I love the remix !!! Too bad it’s not available on CD though. But people : please stop moaning about the LotusFlow3r website… One time something gets posted here, another time on the Montreux website. Like the Purple Genius himself already said in his 1985 interview : DON’T U LIKE SURPRISES ?!

  14. Thanks FB, I “may” download it. :0)

  15. Thank you Doc. 4 sharing the news.

  16. I presume all Prince news will now be on this site instead of Lotusflw3r.com
    it’s becoming a bit of a joke now. A BAD ONE.

  17. ^^ yeah that!! 😉

  18. And Doc if you do get any new photos of the Purple one, please share! 🙂

  19. not that I don’t enjoy reading Prince stuff here, but, lol
    ~ every time I do, I feel like a sucka for giving that man $77

    and I’ll be damned if I give him more $ via iTunes (esp. since that remix wasn’t ‘all that’).. smh.. lol

  20. Thx Doc. 4 the update…I am going 2 download it right now!

  21. Old photo but I still like though. He’s just so so beautiful.. sigh.
    (loooooove the purple)
    Thanks for the info doc

  22. Thanks Doc. Purple news always makes my day!!

  23. thanx 4 the info it sounds amazing

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