You Can See Right Through Rihanna

Rihanna At Paris Fashion Week. Photo: INFDaily.com
Rihanna At Paris Fashion Week. Photo: INFDaily.com

Rihanna At Paris Fashion Week. Photo: INFDaily.com

We are sure Rihanna was wanting to be seen in this see through number. Look at dem thighs. Sorry. Couldn't help myself. Ahem.

Rihanna is in Paris for Paris Fashion Week, which makes sense to hold Paris Fashion Week instead of say Tulsa Oklahoma or something.  When was the last time she dropped some new music? I am just getting tired of the Justin Timberlake hooking up with Rihanna rumors when Justin is still with Jessica Biel.

Well, for the time being, let's look at Rihanna's hot body and the dress that leaves little to the imagination at all.-Dr.FB

Rihanna At Paris Fashion Week.  Photo: INFDaily.com

Rihanna At Paris Fashion Week. Photo: INFDaily.com

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  1. I feel srry for her family, they have to have people see Rihanna like this so exposed having people know they’re related to her, it’s like a smack in her families face. Just imagine walking down the street that’s crowded with people and a magazine store with Rihanna looking so exposed, posted for everyone to see and for men to drool over and talk about her like a whore and her being your sister or child.

  2. I just can’t decide what I like more: her body, her hair or her shoes. hmmmmm.

  3. I swear to bob. She is more and more a hoe skank slut whore everyday. Is she serious? Im not speaking out of jealousy, I got a man… lol Its just that with all that has happend to her recently, you think she’d be… I dont know, working on herself? Like, getting back to normal??? Did that make sense? I just feel like she is trying too hard… trying to act like shes SO OVER IT, or “look at me Im fine and Im gona show u by showing my ass cus Im so confident and he and the media did not break me?” I dunno… I just think she should be a lil more uhhhhh concerned with how she is carrying herself and what is says to her fans and other victims of abuse about her mental state right now. Is it just me??????

  4. S.L.U.T.T.Y.

  5. ^ dyin laughing @ Doc …. well it’s PARIS and she can rock that over there
    it’s viewed as fashion …here in the closed minded USof A she would be called naked.

    Killer body Killer dress !!! just not feeling the LISA LISA & Cult JAM BLONDE

  6. Wait. Prince wore an outfit like that in 1992? Pictures please. :)

  7. Man, she really is looking like Prince ala 1992.

  8. Her dress makes me happy :)

  9. I will say this; I do think eventually they will break up.

    She won’t let him go n he has cheated before but not with Rihanna.

    Soon but not now, it will be reported they are not together.

    Btw, in those photos, Justin did not look happy at all.

  10. Wow, Rihanna’s doing the damn thing. I ain’t mad at her.

  11. Says perez. But they were spotted n photos surfacred

    Peope never confirmed

  12. I’m not gonna lie…I am speachless OMG

  13. Justin and Jessica broke up.

  14. is there a stripper pole on the runway at fashion week? or are they paying her hooker money…cause…good lord…I normally love her style but that’s just plain hoish…no telling how many young girls will this think that this is acceptable and attempt to go out in public dressed like this…..yuck….

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