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Woody Allen Photo: Askmen.com
Woody Allen Photo: Askmen.com

Woody Allen Photo: Askmen.com

I find it amusing that Woody Allen of all people have come out in defense of Roman Polanski.

I am not saying, I am just sayin'.-Dr.FB

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  1. Interesting indeed.

  2. I thought that was quite ironic too. They both need to be throw in jail for what they have both done. Hell any Hollywood star or director who publicly supports Roman Polanski is nothing but a pig in my eyes. Supporting a child molestor is disgraceful and I don’t care how long ago it was. Screw all of them.

  3. Yeah, what’s all the fuss? People need to leave Polanski alone. It’s not like the 13-year-old he raped was his girlfriend’s adopted daughter!

  4. These people need to be locked up and someone please throw the key into the ocean.

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