Does Hollywood Really Have Polanski’s Back?

There is a very interesting artcile about Hollywood really is defending Roman Polanski in the L.A. Times today.

For the full article, go HERE.

Let me know what you think.-Dr.FB


David Letterman Blackmailer Deep In Debt

David Letterman File Photo
David Letterman File Photo

David Letterman File Photo

David Letterman, who was involved in a blackmailing scheme for $2 Million dollars by Robert Halderman was deep in debt as he went after Letterman.

The person in question is Holly Hester who told Halderman she had an affair with Letterman back in the 90's.  There is a question that this whole affair thing being brought to light and that he does get it on will tarnish his viewership with women.

Who writes that crap? It is not going to effect his viewership.  I am sure they wanted to say will it effect him getting female movie stars but since so many people have defended Roman Polanski in Hollywood, they knew that Dave's thing was nothing and is between the wife he has now, the woman he had the affair with and the person who is blackmailing Letterman.

Trust me, Conan O'Brien right now would kill for this type of press.-Dr.FB


Interesting & Slightly Funny….

Woody Allen Photo: Askmen.com
Woody Allen Photo: Askmen.com

Woody Allen Photo: Askmen.com

I find it amusing that Woody Allen of all people have come out in defense of Roman Polanski.

I am not saying, I am just sayin'.-Dr.FB


Roman Polanski Being Defended By Hollywood

Straight up, how do you guys feel about several Hollywood stars and directors coming to the defense of Roman Polanski and his rape charge and sexual misconduct charge of a 13 year old girl stemming from 32 years ago?

Does it bother you they are saying it wasn't really rape? Do you agree with them? Let me know.-Dr.FB


Roman Polanski Arrested For Decades Old Sex Charge

Roman Polanski. Photo: The Guardian.co.uk
Roman Polanski. Photo: The Guardian.co.uk

Roman Polanski. Photo: The Guardian.co.uk

Roman Polanski was finally arrested for a sex charge that stemmed from 1977, 32 years ago.

The filmmaker had a sexual relationship with a 13 year old back in 1977.  He was charged with rape and in 1978, he fled and has been living in Paris ever since. He attended the Zurich Film Festival in Switzerland this weekend and U.S. officials made their move and help from Swiss officials. It is being reported that Roman was stunned when he got arrested thinking he would be protected under french law but was arrested before getting a lifetime achievement award at the festival.

U.S. officials want him to return to California to face charges but Polanski is doing everything he can to fight the arrest and charges.  If he does not agree to go to Los Angeles, the U.S. Justice department has 60 days to take him there and file a written request. Officials from his homeland of Poland and France where he lives are protesting him being held.

Polanski, is 76 years old and has had strange things follow him for his entire career. His wife at the time, Sharon Tate, was murdered at the Manson family house, and then arrested at the Beverly Hills Hotel after a 13 year old girl said he raped her at Jack Nicholson's Mulholland Drive house.

The girl, Samantha Geimer, reached an agreement with the director and forgave him publicily. It has not been good enough for the D.A.'s office however, and has been pursuing him ever since.

What do you think of this case and his arrest? For me, I am going to do what he didn't when it came to that girl and not touch it.-Dr.FB