Prince Records Radio Special : Private Show Now On Sale To Public

Info sent in by funkenberry reader Lydia;

Acoustic set:Prince (guitar)Frédéric Yonnet (harmonica)Shelby J. (vox)Liv’ Warfield (vox)Elisa Fiorillo (vox)


Feel Good Feel Better Feel Wonderfull, Mountains – Shake Your Body Down To The Ground

The radio special us due to air tomorrow on Paris Radio.

More info as it becomes available.

Also, we hear Prince opened up that private concert tonight at La Cigale to fans from his website. Tix are around 80 euros I believe.


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  2. Got a mail this morning to attend a special party Prince threw to launch his album
    Party is at la cigale ( a cosy club near my place )
    As soon as u enter the place I couldn’t help but notice the soundboard :
    He had a hysterical 2h45 show
    Crowd was in rare form and Prince was caugh off guard at fisrt …. At first only
    Here it is :

    Olschool company
    I want u back
    No more candy 4 u
    Crimson & clover
    Dance 4 me
    Forever in my life vs Single ladies (beyonce )
    Love early in the morning
    Sexy dancer vs LE freak
    I want to be free
    Thank u 4 letting be myself
    Be happy ( Mary j)
    Come together
    The Ryde
    The bird
    Jungle love
    The glamorous life ( this 3 songs were like 30 mn in the show since the crowd couldn’t get enough )
    Purple rain

    This is one of those shows that made him one of Paris favorite artist
    Prince fits PARIS like a glove : Sexy , Dazzling and Romantic and that romance started way back now

  3. So r we gon here the radio show here in the U.S?

  4. Hey Proof reader.

    It was a joke back. :-D

  5. Hey Stymie,

    It’s a joke.

    some people………….

  6. SOOOOOO y is he doing everything overseas? when is he gonna take care of us FAM here in the U.S.? Im sick of waiting for a tour and new music and all the perks folks in Europe are getting. I hope someone POSTS this radio thingy so we fams here can enjoy too.

    Come on Prince… u cant keep neglecting us here in the country you are from! Yeah you did the stuff in L.A. … U always goto L.A….. when u gon spread the love and funk to those of us in Dallas and the South coast??????? We tired of getting next to nil from u!

  7. Hey Proof reader:

    It’s “you’re” and not “your”.

  8. We “hear” not “here”.

    Easy to miss when your moving fast!

  9. If he did open the concert up to his fans on website, do you know when. I haven’t seen anything and I’ve been on it all morning? Thanks.

  10. Thanks
    I hope I can hear this one day.

  11. thanx 4 sharing the info

  12. hey doc… isnt is at La Cigalle?

  13. Thanks for the update!

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